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Drunk driving is a serious crime – That is why you need an experienced Cibolo, Texas DUI lawyer

 Call a Cibolo, Texas First Offense DUI Lawyers to know how you can win your case.
Laws for DUI and DWI are no laughing matter. Those who are convicted or plead guilty can face one or more of the following: fines, jail time, loss of insurance, and a tarnished record, just to name a few. That is why it is critical to contact a qualified Cibolo DWI attorney. Under the law, you are innocent until proven guilty. The county has an entire system prosecuting you: the police, the attorneys, and lab technicians – put someone on your side. By working with a qualified Cibolo DUI lawyer, you will have the benefit of a trained professional fighting for your rights. Before you plead guilty, it is important to speak with a qualified professional. Fill out the form on the left. Initial consultations are free.
Is it worth it to hire a DWI defense lawyer? Yes! You cannot afford to go without a DUI lawyer! The cost of a criminal conviction for DUI DWI in Texas is extreme. For example: thousands in fines, loss of license, jail time, and mandatory SR22 car insurance are all potential and likely penalties for DUI in Texas. 

Don’t plead guilty – Cibolo DUI lawyer help people get out of very difficult circumstances

By pleading guilty to drunk driving in Texas, you forfeit any rights you have to fight the charges against you. That means you get the minimum drunk driving penalty, at the very least, and potentially more. To fight the drunk driving charges against you, you need an experienced Cibolo DUI attorney to represent you. Skilled attorneys know how to challenge the types of tests administered by the police – faulty field sobriety tests, improperly administered breathalyzer tests, and other devices and methods used to determine your blood alcohol content. 

Take the next step: your chances are better with a local Cibolo DUI lawyer

You may be feeling uneasy about your future due to the charges against you. Feelings like these are quite normal in the circumstances that surround drunk-driving charges. Unfortunately, drunk driving is not uncommon. However, a single slip-up is all it takes. In short, bad things can happen to good people. To add to all your difficulties, the court system is truly stacked against those who are charged with a drunk driving infraction. By hiring an experienced Cibolo DUI lawyer, you will benefit from having the experience of a professional who knows what to do in your situation. You can receive guidance, in addition to critical representation against the government entity that is prosecuting you. Your local Cibolo DUI attorney likely has worked in the same court in which you will have to appear. He or she likely has worked with the same Cibolo judge or Cibolo prosecutor assigned to your case. Although no attorney has an edge merely because he or she knows a prosecutor or judge, your Cibolo attorney’s experience with the local Cibolo court system is often very helpful in determining how best to proceed in your case. This advantage is tantamount to anyone facing charges as serious as drunk driving charges.

What is Driving While Intoxicated and what Laws Govern these Charges in Cibolo, Texas?

The Texas Penal Code sets forth all the different charges related to alcohol, drugs and controlled substances

Underage DWI DUI charges?

Cibolo DWI defense lawyers  & Cibolo DUI defense lawyers are available for underage drivers

In Cibolo, Texas, if an officer pulls you over and has probable cause and reason to believe you are operating a vehicle while intoxicated or under the influence, you are required by Texas law to take a test to determine your blood alcohol content (BAC). The test is designed to determine if your BAC level is over 0.08%, which is the legal limit for those 21 years or older. The officer has the discretion in choosing which test you must take. Refusing to comply with this “implied consent law” can cause you to automatically lose your license for a period of at least 180 days and lead to further penalties. Refusing to take a test might also make you appear guilty. The civil and criminal penalties associated with a DUI, and the costs can be insurmountable. Do not wait. Get the help you need today and contact a local Cibolo defense lawyer.Cibolo DWI defense attorneys on this website provide initial consultations for free. 

What is the scope of an experienced Cibolo defense lawyer’s services?

An experienced Cibolo defense attorney can usually help clients who face one or multiple criminal charges. These attorneys are often a jack of all trades in the criminal arena, and are usually referred to by a number of titles, for example: Cibolo Misdemeanor DWI lawyer, Cibolo felony DUI lawyer, Cibolo Suspended License Lawyer, Cibolo Criminal defense lawyer, etc. 

Cibolo DUI defense lawyers potentially may assist you:

Seal your record
Suppress illegal evidence
Suppress test results
Negotiate a plea deal
Challenge a blood test
Reduce the drunk driving charges filed against you
Hire an expert witness to assess the validity of the BAC test 
Protect your rights
Challenge sobriety tests
Secure Bail / Post Bail
Hire an investigator

It is more affordable to hire a DUI lawyer than you might think

Call a DWI Cibolo, TX Lawyer defense attorney to file your lawsuit in Texas.
Factors: How much does a local Cibolo DUI attorney cost? It often varies, depending on whether your case is complex and whether your attorney charges per the hour or a lump sum. This section provides helpful information about how attorneys generally bill for a DUI defense. 
Fee Structure: Your Cibolo DUI attorney may charge as little as $100 per hour, or he or she may be as expensive as $500 per hour. As your can see, hourly rates can vary widely. Make sure you get an estimate from your attorney before they ever commence any work. This is the time to understand your attorney’s fee structure in such a manner that you feel comfortable with the cost of your representation. When it comes to how your attorney's bills – your comfort is key.
Your Case: Is my case more expensive than the typical case? Of course, that will depend on how involved your case is – in other words: the amount of time your attorney will need to devote to your case directly correlates to your legal costs. This can occur, for example, when you need to appeal a decision, or if your case requires the use of expert witnesses, just to name a few. Be sure that you maximize the time with your attorney that is routine: do not be late for meetings, be concise and think about the facts of your case before you meet with your attorney, and always tell the truth about your circumstances and the facts of your dui case. 
Fees versus Expenses: Lawyers usually charge an additional fee for “expenses” – usually encompassing court costs and expert witness fees if applicable. Be sure to discuss expenses with your Cibolo DUI lawyer. 

Bail Bonding Companies near Cibolo, Texas

A Bail Bonds
125 South Water Lane
New Braunfels, Texas 78130
(830) 625-9213

New Braunfels Bail Bonds
1174 West San Antonio Street
New Braunfels, Texas 78130
(830) 625-7888

Susan's Bail Bonds
1471 West San Antonio Street
New Braunfels, Texas 78130
(830) 625-3733
Amigo Bail Bonds
3030 West San Antonio Street
New Braunfels, Texas 78130
(830) 624-4229

A-Comal County Bail Bonds
1495 West San Antonio Street
New Braunfels, Texas 78130
(830) 625-3948

AAA Bail Bonds II
2970 West San Antonio Street
New Braunfels, Texas 78130
(830) 629-2663

Criminal Courts in Guadalupe County, Texas

If you are being charged with a felony or a misdemeanor, your case will be here:

Guadalupe County 25th District Court
101 E Court Street
Seguin, Texas 78155
(830) 303-8877
Guadalupe County 274th District Court
101 E Court Street
 Seguin, Texas 78155
(830) 303-8877
Guadalupe County 2nd 25th District Court
101 E Court Street
Seguin, Texas 78155
(830) 303-8877

If you have been charged with a misdemeanor DUI or DWI, your case will be filed here:

    Guadalupe County Court at Law
211 W Court Street
 Seguin, Texas 78155
(830) 303-8861 
Guadalupe County Constitutional Court
211 W Court Street
Seguin, Texas 78155
(830) 303-8861


Traffic Courts in Guadalupe County, Texas

If you have been issued a traffic ticket, your case will be heard in one of the following places:

Guadalupe County Justice of the Peace Precinct 1 
2405 E US 90
Seguin, Texas 78155 
(830) 372-4223

Guadalupe County Justice of the Peace Precinct 3
1101 Elbel Road
Schertz, Texas 78154
(210) 945-6685
Guadalupe County Justice of the Peace Precinct 2 
2611 N Guadalupe Street
 Seguin, Texas 78155
(830) 379-2214

Guadalupe County Justice of the Peace Precinct 4
11144 FM 725
Seguin, Texas 78155
(830) 372-8916 

Cibolo Municipal Court
200 S Main Street
 Cibolo, Texas 78108
(210) 658-7324
Cibolo DUI Criminal Defense attorneys represent clients in Cibolo, Geronimo, Redwood, Santa Clara, Schertz, Seguin, Staples, Zuehl, Haeckerville, Universal City, Ogden, Comal, Luxello, Corbyn, Converse, Live Oak, and other communities in Hays County, Bexar County, Comal County and Guadalupe County.