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Speak with an experienced Edinburg DWI lawyer: Initial consultations are free

 If you are convicted for driving under the influence of alcohol, it is best to call a First Offense DUI Lawyers near Edinburg, TX to know the correct procedures.
Contact an experienced Edinburg DUI lawyer today by filling out the questionnaire on the left. If convicted of a drunk driving infraction, under the laws for DUI, you could face a fine, jail time, loss of license, perhaps even your employment in some cases. As an accused, you are entitled to a defense. You can contact an experienced Edinburg DUI attorney from this website by filling out the form on the left. Remember, you are innocent until proven guilty. So, before you give up and plead guilty, meet with a qualified Edinburg DUI lawyer for an initial consultation. All initial consultations are free. 
Those who are found guilty of violating the law for DUI in Texas face DUI penalties that are far more expensive than the cost of any attorney: jail time, thousands in fines, and mandatory SR22 Insurance. 

Pleading guilty may not be your best move – even if you think the case against you is strong. Edinburg DUI lawyers can help.

Those who choose to plead guilty automatically face suspension of their license, or jail time, or fines, all of the above, or some combination of those. Most importantly, they are given a criminal record.Often, police officers are vigilant about how they feel regarding the evidence they have against a purported violator of the dui laws. You may mistakenly feel the case against you is ironclad. Always get an opinion from your Edinburg DWI attorney before you form any impression about your case. Skilled attorneys can challenge negative BAC test results, and failed field sobriety tests. The strength of the drunk driving charges can change dramatically once you enter into the courtroom with an experienced Edinburg DWI lawyer.

Do not consider any attorney other than a local Edinburg DUI lawyer

Drunk driving charges can be crippling financially and emotionally. In the blink of an eye, your life can be ruined for a single mistake at the wheel.Those who face DUI charges are confronted with a confusing court system: a system where the cards are stacked against you – even though you are innocent until proven guilty! Protect yourself the best you can by hiring a local Edinburg DUI attorney to represent you in court and to negotiate with the prosecutor’s office on your behalf.Your local Edinburg DUI attorney likely has worked in the same court in which you will have to appear. He or she likely has worked with the same Edinburg judge or Edinburg prosecutor assigned to your case. Although no attorney has an edge merely because he or she knows a prosecutor or judge, your Edinburg attorney’s experience with the local Edinburg court system is often very helpful in determining how best to proceed in your case. This advantage is tantamount to anyone facing charges as serious as drunk driving charges.

What is Driving While Intoxicated and what Laws Govern these Charges in Edinburg, Texas?

The Texas Penal Code sets forth all the different charges related to alcohol, drugs and controlled substances.

DWI defense for underage drivers?

Under 21? Edinburg DWI defense lawyers – Edinburg DUI defense lawyers

In Edinburg, Texas, if an officer pulls you over and has probable cause and reason to believe you are operating a vehicle while intoxicated or under the influence, you are required by Texas law to take a test to determine your blood alcohol content (BAC). The test is designed to determine if your BAC level is over 0.08%, which is the legal limit for those 21 years or older . If you are charged with driving intoxicated with a minor , a child that is 15 years or younger then you could be facing a felony charge with jail time. It is important to know your rights! Contact an Edinburg, Texas DUI attorney found on this website to schedule a free initial consultation.

What does an experienced Edinburg defense lawyer do?

A local Edinburg defense attorney is usually experienced in many different arenas of criminal defense. These attorneys are often referred to by multiple names: Edinburg misdemeanor DWI attorney, Edinburg felony DUI attorney, Suspended License Attorney, Edinburg criminal defense attorney, and even Edinburg license suspension hearing attorney.

Edinburg DUI defense lawyers potentially may assist you:

Challenge a breathalyzer test
Challenge a blood test
Suppress illegal evidence
Suppress test results
Protect your rights
Challenge sobriety tests
Hire an investigator
Reduce the drunk driving charges filed against you
Hire an expert witness to assess the validity of the BAC test 
Seal your record
Secure Bail / Post Bail
Negotiate a plea deal
Get out of jail

Expenses: Aren’t Edinburg attorneys who handle drunk driving DWI DUI charges expensive?

Edinburg, TX Drunk Driving Lawyers help you win back your rights.
Factors: Edinburg DUI attorney costs can vary. The two factors you will want to familiarize yourself with are the facts of your case and your dui attorney’s hourly rate or his flat fee. See below for helpful hints about potential DUI lawyer billing issues you will want to know about. Keep in mind that a defense lawyer is almost always a very wise investment – potentially saving you the costs associated with a DUI conviction.
Fee Structure: Hourly rates for Edinburg lawyers who defend drunk driving charges can vary across the board. For example, some attorneys charge as little as $100 per hour, while other attorneys charge as much as $500 per hour. The hourly rate of your attorney does not always indicate the quality of your representation. Some lawyers provide their clients with representation for a flat fee. To iron out the details with your Edinburg DUI lawyer, make sure you discuss your case thoroughly during your free initial consultation. It is also advisable to ask your attorney for an estimate of your total bill before agreeing to hire him or her. 
Your Case: Be ready to expect your legal bill to be commensurate with the amount of time it takes to handle your case. Clients can save substantially on their legal bill by being easy to work with. For example, always come prepared when meeting with your Edinburg DUI lawyer. That means: gather all pertinent information, be ready to recall the facts of your case in detail, have phone numbers and contact info for those who can attest to your facts before you step into an attorney’s office, etc. The more prepared you are, the easier time your attorney will have, and the more time he or she will save. That can mean big savings to you.
Fees versus Expenses: Lawyers usually charge an additional fee for “expenses” – usually encompassing court costs and expert witness fees if applicable. Be sure to discuss expenses with your Edinburg DUI lawyer. 

Bail Bonding Companies near Edinburg, Texas

A Mingo Bail Bond
510 North Closner Boulevard
Edinburg, Texas 78541
(956) 380-6999

Castaneda's Bail Bond
800 El Cibolo Road
Edinburg, Texas 78541
(956) 381-9800

Discount Bail Bonds
12402 Bail Bond Drive
Edinburg, Texas 78542
(956) 287-0505
South Texas Bail Bonds
1206 Susan Drive
Edinburg, Texas 78539
(956) 377-5381

Liberty Bail Bonds
12403 Bail Bond Drive
Edinburg, Texas 78542
(956) 381-5836

Anzaldua Bail Bonds
12409 Bail Bond Drive
Edinburg, Texas 78542
(956) 383-4116

Criminal Courts in Hidalgo County, Texas

If you are being charged with a felony or a misdemeanor, your case will be here:

Hidalgo County 92nd District Court
100 N Closner Boulevard
 Edinburg, Texas 78540
(956) 318-2200

Hidalgo County 139th District Court
100 N Closner Boulevard
 Edinburg, Texas 78540
(956) 318-2200
Hidalgo County 93rd District Court
100 N Closner Boulevard
Edinburg, Texas 78540
(956) 318-2200 

Hidalgo County 275th District Court
100 N Closner Boulevard
 Edinburg, Texas 78540
(956) 318-2200

Hidalgo County 370th District Court
100 N Closner Boulevard
 Edinburg, Texas 78540
(956) 318-2200


If you have been charged with a misdemeanor DUI or DWI, your case will be filed here:

Hidalgo County Court at Law No. 1
100 N Closner Boulevard
Edinburg, Texas 78540
(956) 318-2100

Hidalgo County Court at Law No. 4
100 N Closner Boulevard
 Edinburg, Texas 78540
(956) 318-2100 
Hidalgo County Court at Law No. 2
100 N Closner Boulevard
Edinburg, Texas 78540
(956) 318-2100

Hidalgo County Court at Law No. 5
100 N Closner Boulevard
Edinburg, Texas 78540
(956) 318-2100

Hidalgo County Constitutional Court
100 N Closner Boulevard
Edinburg, Texas 78540
(956) 318-2100 


Traffic Courts in Hidalgo County, Texas

If you have been issued a traffic ticket, your case will be heard in one of the following places:

Hidalgo County Justice of the Peace Precinct 1 
1902 Joe Stephens Avenue
 Weslaco, Texas 78596
(956) 447-3995

Hidalgo County Justice of the Peace Precinct 2 
300 W Hall Acres
Pharr, Texas 78577
(956) 784-3540 
Hidalgo County Justice of the Peace Precinct 3 
730 N Breyfogle Road
Mission, Texas 78574
(956) 519-8422 

Hidalgo County Justice of the Peace Precinct 4
212 N Twelfth Avenue
Edinburg, Texas 78541
(956) 380-4473 

Edinburg Municipal Court
100 E Freddy Gonzalez Drive
 Edinburg, Texas 78541
(956) 289-7797


Edinburg DUI Criminal Defense attorneys represent clients in Alamo, Alton, Citrus City, Combes, Doffing, Donna, Doolitte, Edcouch, Edinburg, Elsa, Granjeno, Harlingen, Hidalgo, La Horna, La Joya, La Villa, Lopezville, Lull, McEdinburg, Mercedes, Mission, Olivarez, Palmhurst, Palmview, Pharr, Progreso, Raymondville, San Juan, Sullivan City, Weslaco and other communities in Hidalgo County.