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DUI and DWI convictions are not to be taken lightly. Under the law, you are entitled to a defense. An experienced Mineral Wells DWI attorney can review your case, defend you in court, and negotiate on your behalf. The costs of a conviction are too severe to be left to chance. Work with a qualified Mineral Wells DWI lawyer when it comes to your freedom and financial future. You are entitled to a defense and are innocent until proven guilty. Before you plead guilty, contact an experienced Mineral Wells DUI lawyer today by completing the form on the website. All initial consultations are free. 
You cannot afford not to hire a local Mineral Wells DUI lawyer. A guilty plea will potentially cost you your freedom (jail time), your finances (thousands in fines by the government), and unbelievably high insurance rates (mandatory SR22 Insurance). 

Don’t give up and plead guilty – Speak to a local Mineral Wells DUI lawyer before you do anything

DWI charges are understandably very intimidating. Many feel they have to plead guilty to achieve the best outcome. Please know that this is not always the case – and in many cases, a guilty plea can lead you to a terrible outcome. If you fall into this category, to avoid the harsh penalties for DWI in Texas, you will need to fight the charges. That is why it is important to speak to a qualified Mineral Wells DUI attorney about your case. Skilled Mineral Wells, Texas DWI lawyers have experience challenging what may otherwise be considered strong evidence against you. A seasoned attorney attacks the sufficiency and legality of the BAC tests employed against you, as well as the circumstances in which they were administered to you at the time of your arrest. Often, your attorney can use experts to dismantle the prosecutor’s case against you. 

Local Mineral Wells DUI lawyers give you a leg up

We understand that being in your position is not easy if you have been charged with drunk driving. It is scary to think that you may lose your license, potentially go to jail, pay fines, and even lose standing in your community. Nobody wants to undergo those consequences if they can be avoided.In fact, the DUI legal process is anything but intuitive. Often, those who face DUI charges face an onslaught of separate accusations, evidence, and even other charges. Effectively navigating through the system requires the skill of an experienced Mineral Wells DUI lawyer.Mineral Wells DUI attorneys are here to walk you through the process. They also protect your rights. The government has all of their resources potentially working against you. It is important to have an experienced Mineral Wells DUI lawyer working for you. It is only fair. Considering the seriousness of the charge against you, it is important to be able to benefit from the local courtroom experience that a local experienced Mineral Wells DUI lawyer brings to the table.

What is Driving While Intoxicated and what Laws Govern these Charges in Mineral Wells, Texas?

The Texas Penal Code sets forth all the different charges related to alcohol, drugs and controlled substances.

DWI defense for underage drivers?

Under 21? Mineral Wells DWI defense lawyers – Mineral Wells DUI defense lawyers

In Mineral Wells, Texas, if an officer pulls you over and has probable cause and reason to believe you are operating a vehicle while intoxicated or under the influence, you are required by Texas law to take a test to determine your blood alcohol content (BAC). The test is designed to determine if your BAC level is over 0.08%, which is the legal limit for those 21 years or older. The officer has the discretion in choosing which test you must take. Refusing to comply with this “implied consent law” can cause you to automatically lose your license for a period of at least 180 days and lead to further penalties. Refusing to take a test might also make you appear guilty. The civil and criminal penalties associated with a DUI, and the costs can be insurmountable. Do not wait. Get the help you need today and contact a local Mineral Wells defense lawyer.Mineral Wells DWI defense attorneys on this website provide initial consultations for free. 

What is the scope of an experienced Mineral Wells defense lawyer’s services?

Usually, Mineral Wells defense attorneys can help their clients in a variety of criminal matters. These attorneys, who are often very versatile, are called by a number of titles, such as: Mineral Wells Misdemeanor DUI lawyer, Mineral Wells felony DWI lawyer, Mineral Wells Suspended License Lawyer, Mineral Wells Criminal defense lawyer, etc. 

Mineral Wells DWI defense lawyers may be able to help you:

Negotiate a plea deal
Challenge a breathalyzer test
Challenge a blood test
Challenge sobriety tests
Get out of jail
Secure Bail / Post Bail
Protect your rights
Hire an expert witness to assess the validity of the BAC test
Suppress illegal evidence
Suppress test results
Reduce the drunk driving charges filed against you
Hire an investigator
Seal your record

Controlling the costs: paying for your Mineral Wells DUI attorney

Mineral Wells DUI attorneys help you win back your rights.
Factors: Below are some tips to help you understand the costs of hiring a dui attorney for drunk driving charges. The two facts that you need to familiarize yourself with are as follows: (1) the facts surrounding your case, and (2) the billing structure utilized by your attorney. It is important to remember that it is far better to pay a defense lawyer “up front” as opposed to paying enormously on the “back end” for criminal penalties and all the costs that flow from them. 
Fee Structure: Mineral Wells lawyers who handle drunk driving charges can charge anywhere from $100 and $500 per hour. Some will charge you a lump sum fee. Whatever the arrangement you come to with your attorney, it is always helpful to ask your Mineral Wells DUI lawyer for an estimate. In many cases, it will be hard to get an exact estimate, but you can set some important boundaries while giving yourself a sense of control about your legal representation. 
Your Case: Be ready to expect your legal bill to be commensurate with the amount of time it takes to handle your case. Clients can save substantially on their legal bill by being easy to work with. For example, always come prepared when meeting with your Mineral Wells DUI lawyer. That means: gather all pertinent information, be ready to recall the facts of your case in detail, have phone numbers and contact info for those who can attest to your facts before you step into an attorney’s office, etc. The more prepared you are, the easier time your attorney will have, and the more time he or she will save. That can mean big savings to you.
Fees versus Expenses: It is always important to ask your attorney if there are any additional costs associated with your defense other than the hourly rate, such as expert witness fees or court costs. In some cases, dui lawyers charge additional for these if they are necessary in your case. 

Bail Bonding Companies in and near Mineral Wells, Texas

Fudgie's Bail Bonds
311 Southwest 1st Street
Mineral Wells, Texas 76067
(940) 325-2211

Jackson's Bail Bonds
503 East Hubbard Street
Mineral Wells, Texas 76067
(940) 325-2245

Affordable Two Bail Bonds
1009 Southeast Parkway
Azle, Texas 76020
(817) 406-5790
Buddy's Bail Bonds
205 South Oak Avenue
Mineral Wells, Texas 76067
(940) 325-9990

Brazos Bail Bonding Co‎
126 Hogle Street
Weatherford, Texas 76086
(817) 599-5311

Bonding Company
1907 U.S. 380
Decatur, Texas 76234
(940) 627-0022

Criminal Courts in Palo Pinto and Parker Counties, Texas


If you are being charged with a felony or a misdemeanor, your case will be here:

Palo Pinto County 29th District Court
PO Box 189
 Palo Pinto, Texas 76484
(940) 659-1279
Parker County 43rd District Court
117 Fort Worth Highway
 Weatherford, Texas 76086
(817) 598-6114

Parker County 415th District Court
117 Fort Worth Highway
 Weatherford, Texas 76086
(817) 598-6114

If you have been charged with a misdemeanor DUI or DWI, your case will be filed here:

Parker County Court at Law No. 1
1112 Santa Fe Drive
 Weatherford, Texas 76086
(817) 598-6059

Parker County Court at Law No. 2
1 Courthouse Square
 Weatherford, Texas 76086
(817) 598-6035

Palo Pinto County Constitutional Court
520 Oak Street
Palo Pinto, Texas 76484
(940) 659-1277

Parker County County Constitutional Court
1112 Santa Fe Drive
Weatherford, Texas 76086
(817) 598-6056

Traffic Courts in Palo Pinto and Parker Counties, Texas


If you have been issued a traffic ticket, your case will be heard in one of the following places:

Palo Pinto County Justice of the Peace Precinct 5 
109 N Oak
 Mineral Wells, Texas 76067
(940) 325-3201

Parker County Justice of the Peace Precinct 1
1020 E Hwy 199
 Springtown, Texas 76082 
(817) 220-5857
Palo Pinto County Justice of the Peace Precinct 1 
PO Box 129
 Palo Pinto, Texas 76484
(940) 659-1202

Parker County Justice of the Peace Precinct 2
207 Fort Worth Highway
Weatherford, Texas 76086
(817) 598-0496 

Mineral Wells Municipal Court
211 SW 1st Avenue
 Mineral Wells, Texas 76067
(940) 328-7733

Mineral Wells DUI Criminal Defense attorneys represent clients throughout North central Texas including Brazos, Gordon, Graford, Mineral Wells, Mingus, Oran, Palo Pinto, Santo, Strawn, Adell, Agnes, Aledo, Annetta, and other communities in Jack County, Parker County, Hood County, Erath County, Eastland County, Stephens County, and Young County.