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Qualified Orlando DWI Attorneys

Are you potentially facing losing your license, or going to jail, or paying severe penalties because of a DUI arrest in Orlando, Florida? Take immediate action today and contact an experienced Orlando DWI attorney. You have a right to representation. The law guarantees you a right to defend yourself. An experienced Orlando DUI lawyer can represent you in court, negotiate on your behalf, and stand up to the police and prosecutors office. Your attorney plays a vital role: they even the playing field in a system where the government initially has all the resources to prosecute you. That is why you need a qualified Orlando DUI attorney on your side. Don’t wait, contact one today by filling out the form on the left.

Those who are found guilty likely face: very expensive fines (potentially thousands of dollars), jail time, a loss of their license, suspended license, and even astronomical insurance premiums (FR-44 insurance). Penalties for DUI in Florida are tough!

Do not assume that you have to plead guilty because there is evidence against you. Speak to a local Orlando DUI lawyer

If you think you are doing the smart thing by pleading guilty without first speaking to a local Orlando DWI lawyer, think again. By pleading guilty to DWI laws in Florida, you agree to a criminal record, and you face the minimum sentencing – which means jail time, fines, suspension or revocation of license, all of the above, or some combination of those. To fight the drunk driving charges against you, you need an experienced Orlando DUI attorney to represent you. Skilled attorneys know how to challenge the types of tests administered by the police – faulty field sobriety tests, improperly administered breathalyzer tests, and other devices and methods used to determine your blood alcohol content.

Why the need for an experienced Orlando DUI lawyer?

Did you know that you face serious penalties as a result of being charged with a drunk driving infraction in Orlando? Yes, you could have your license revoked or suspended, pay large fines, lose your insurance, even your job, and you may be put in jail! In fact, the DUI legal process is anything but intuitive. Often, those who face DUI charges face an onslaught of separate accusations, evidence, and even other charges. Effectively navigating through the system requires the skill of an experienced Orlando DUI lawyer. By working with a skilled and local Orlando DUI lawyer, you will have the benefit of being represented by a professional who is looking after your interest. Your local Orlando DUI lawyer will work with the local court system, and the prosecutor’s office to find the best solution for your situation. The benefits of working with a professional who has experience in your local legal environment is tantamount to the success of your case.

Is your Minor on the hook for underage drunk driving charges?

Orlando DWI defense lawyers – Orlando DUI defense lawyers for minors

Minors are subject to an even tighter set of DWI laws than the rest of society. Underage drivers are also sometimes unfairly targeted. Losing your license is just the tip of the iceberg. Drunk driving charges can leave a permanent mark on a young person’s record. If convicted, minors face an uphill battle getting into school, getting a job, and getting insurance, not to mention the criminal penalties associated with the charges. Do not wait. Get the help you need today and contact a local Orlando defense lawyer. Orlando DWI defense attorneys on this website provide initial consultations for free.

Orlando defense lawyers: Scope of Services

Usually, Orlando defense attorneys can help their clients in a variety of criminal matters. These attorneys, who are often very versatile, are called by a number of titles, such as: Orlando misdemeanor DUI attorney, Orlando felony DWI attorney, Suspended License Attorney, Orlando criminal defense attorney, and even Orlando license suspension hearing attorney.

Orlando DUI defense lawyers potentially may assist you:


Get out of jail
Hire an investigator
Secure Bail / Post Bail
Negotiate a plea deal
Defend you in court
Appear at a Florida license revocation hearing
Reduce the drunk driving charges filed against you
Suppress illegal evidence
Challenge a breathalyzer test
Challenge a blood test
Protect your rights
Challenge sobriety tests
Suppress test results
Seal your record
Appear at a Florida license suspension hearing


DUI DWI lawyers in Orlando, Florida are more affordable than you probably think

Factors: The facts surrounding your DUI arrest and your particular circumstances, coupled with the rate your attorney charges are the two factors that determine how much your DUI legal representation will cost you. Keep this in mind the following: a drunk driving criminal record is far more expensive than the expense of any Orlando defense lawyer.

Fee Structure: In some cases, an experienced Orlando DUI lawyer will charge a flat fee to represent you in court. In many cases, your attorney will charge an hourly rate (roughly between $100 and $500 per hour). If your charges per the hour, it is usually advisable to try to negotiate a reasonable band of time (an estimate) that a case like yours will take.

Your Case: The more time your Orlando DUI lawyer needs to spend on your case – generally the higher your legal bill. That means that you can help yourself by being prepared when meeting with your attorney. This is especially true during your free initial consultation. By being clear, honest, concise, and prepared, you can make great progress with your attorney so as to not waste any additional time of yours or your attorney’s. That translates into savings.

Fees versus Expenses: It is always important to ask your attorney if there are any additional costs associated with your defense other than the hourly rate, such as expert witness fees or court costs. In some cases, dui lawyers charge additional for these if they are necessary in your case.


Bail Bonding Companies in and near Orlando, Florida

Alpha & Omega Bail Bonding Agency Inc.
4940 Old Winter Garden Road
Orlando, Florida 32811
(407) 290-0080

No Collateral Bail Bonds
3001 39th Street
Orlando, Florida 32839
(407) 425-1000

Bail Bonds By Dina Edwards
1512 West Gore Street
Orlando, Florida 32805
(407) 841-2245
Checkout Time Bail Bonds
2911 W. 39th Street 700
Orlando, Florida 32839
(407) 425-6889

J & L Bail Bonds
3800 S John Young Parkway
Orlando, Florida 32839
(407) 425-4007

33rd Street Bail Bonds
2480 33rd Street
Orlando, Florida 32839
(407) 425-3303


Traffic Courts in Orange County, Florida

If you have been issued a traffic ticket, your case will be heard in one of the following places:

County Court of Orange County
425 North Orange Avenue 410, PO Box 4994
Orlando, Florida 32801
(407) 836-6000

County Court of Orange County
450 North Lakemont Avenue
Winter Park, Florida 32792
(407) 836-2007
County Court of Orange County
1111 North Rock Springs Road
Apopka, Florida 32712
(407) 836-2007

County Court of Orange County
475 West Story Road
Ocoee, Florida 34761
(407) 836-2007


If you wish to appeal this ticket you may do so here:

Orange County Circuit Court
425 North Orange Avenue, Suite 310
Orlando, Florida 32802
(407) 836-2055


Criminal Courts in Orange County, Florida

If you are being charged with a felony, or are appealing a decision from County Court, your claim will be here:

Orange County Court - Circuit Criminal
425 North Orange Avenue, Suite 210
Orlando, Florida 32802
(407) 836-2056


If you are being charged with a misdemeanor, your case will be here:

Orange County Court
County Criminal (Misdemeanor), 425 North Orange Avenue, Suite 250
Orlando, Florida 32802
(407) 836-2066


Your misdemeanor case may also be processed at one of the following courts:

County Court of Orange County
450 North Lakemont Avenue
Winter Park, Florida 32792
(407) 836-2007
County Court of Orange County
1111 North Rock Springs Road
Apopka, Florida 32712
(407) 836-2007
County Court of Orange County
475 West Story Road
Ocoee, Florida 34761
(407) 836-2007







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