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Have you been arrested for a DWI in San Francisco, California? It is important to contact an experienced San Francisco DUI lawyer right away. Without an attorney, you may be unnecessarily subject to fines, jail time, and loss of license under California laws on DUI. Under the law, you are innocent until proven guilty. The county has an entire system prosecuting you: the police, the attorneys, and lab technicians – put someone on your side. By working with a qualified San Francisco DUI lawyer, you will have the benefit of a trained professional fighting for your rights. Before you plead guilty, it is important to speak with a qualified professional. Fill out the form on the left. Initial consultations are free.

The penalties for DUI in California are far more expensive than the cost of hiring an experienced DUI attorney in San Francisco! If found guilty, you likely face: loss of license, jail time, thousands in fines, and mandatory SR22 Insurance which can cost thousands more in insurance premium!

You do not have to lose hope merely because the evidence against you seems strong. Before you plead guilty, speak with a local San Francisco DUI attorney first. You may be surprised by what your attorney has to say.

If you plead guilty to drunk driving charges in California, you are sure to spend time in jail or pay a fine, or both, just for starters. You also forfeit the right to contest your case. You can also have your license suspended or revoked permanently. All lawyers are not created equal. Skilled and experienced San Francisco DUI lawyers know how to defend you in court. Skilled DWI lawyers know how to challenge test results and the procedures used by the San Francisco police officers that arrested you for DUI. Even evidence of a failed breathalyzer test or a failed blood test may be challenged. You might be surprised to learn about how well a trained San Francisco DWI attorney can help you in court.

San Francisco Police and the San Francisco Court System Are Against You – Do not forget to get a local San Francisco DUI lawyer to help you fight back

You may be thinking that the legal system is not structured in your favor. For those who face drunk-driving charges, your thoughts are well founded. The complexities of the proceedings against you are only the tip of the iceberg. You may be required to defend yourself in more than one court (e.g., administrative courts, traffic courts, and criminal courts), or for more than one charge, depending on your circumstances. By hiring an experienced San Francisco DUI lawyer, you will benefit from having the experience of a professional who knows what to do in your situation. You can receive guidance, in addition to critical representation against the government entity that is prosecuting you. Whether you need an attorney to show up to an administrative hearing, or represent you at trial for a criminal matter, a DUI lawyer can help you during this difficult time. Your local San Francisco DUI attorney likely has worked in the same court in which you will have to appear. He or she likely has worked with the same San Francisco judge or San Francisco prosecutor assigned to your case. Although no attorney has an edge merely because he or she knows a prosecutor or judge, your San Francisco attorney’s experience with the local San Francisco court system is often very helpful in determining how best to proceed in your case. This advantage is tantamount to anyone facing charges as serious as drunk driving charges.

Underage DWI offenses: finding the right San Francisco DWI defense lawyer

San Francisco DUI defense lawyers for underage drivers

Unique problems arise when the person arrested is a minor under the age of 21. Often, different laws are applied to minors. A conviction for underage drunk driving is costly for the whole family. Minors have their entire life ahead of them – a DUI DWI conviction can negatively impact you in ways beyond criminal fines and jail time, like: job prospects, school entrance, social life, and insurance, just to name a few. A local San Francisco defense lawyer can help you. Fill out the form today, you have everything to gain. All San Francisco DWI defense attorneys on this site provide free initial consultations.

What does an experienced San Francisco defense lawyer do?

Usually, San Francisco defense attorneys can help their clients in a variety of criminal matters. These attorneys, who are often very versatile, are called by a number of titles, such as: San Francisco Misdemeanor DUI lawyer, San Francisco felony DWI lawyer, San Francisco Suspended License Lawyer, San Francisco Criminal defense lawyer, etc.

San Francisco DWI defense lawyers may be able to help you:

Hire an investigator
Challenge sobriety tests
Challenge a breathalyzer test
Seal your record
Challenge a blood test
Reduce the drunk driving charges filed against you
Appear at a California license suspension hearing
Protect your rights
Suppress illegal evidence
Negotiate a plea deal
Get out of jail
Secure Bail / Post Bail
Defend you in court
Suppress test results
Appear at a California license revocation hearing


Lawyer Costs: San Francisco DUI lawyers– How much will it cost you to hire one?

Factors: There are two important factors you need to know that determine how much your dui legal representation will cost. They are: the specific facts of your case and how much your particular attorney charges. We’ll walk you through some helpful tips to control the final cost of your representation. Keep the following in mind: a drunk driving criminal record is far more expensive than the expense of any San Francisco defense lawyer.

Fee Structure: Lawyer cost: hourly rates can vary widely among practitioners. For example, some attorneys charge around $100 per hour, while others can charge more than $500 per hour. Some DUI attorneys will charge a lump sum fee to handle your drunk driving case. Remember, just because one DUI attorney charges less per hour than another DUI lawyer does not necessarily mean that they will ultimately cost you less money. Tip: Try to get an estimate of the number of hours it takes to handle a case like yours.

Your Case: The particular facts of your case naturally have a large impact on the potential size of your legal bill. A history of prior drunk driving arrests, or a complicated set of facts surrounding your DUI arrest could potentially present nuances to your case that require more time and attention from your San Francisco DUI defense lawyer. To save on your bill, be ready to discuss, in detail, the facts of your case during your free initial consultation. The more prepared you are, the less time your attorney needs to spend on your case, which saves you money.

Fees versus Expenses: It is always important to ask your attorney if there are any additional costs associated with your defense other than the hourly rate, such as expert witness fees or court costs. In some cases, dui lawyers charge additional for these if they are necessary in your case.

Bail Bonding Companies in and near San Francisco, California

Aladdin Bail Bonds
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San Francisco, California 94103
(415) 626-4555

Al Graf Bail Bonds
859 Bryant Street
San Francisco, California 94103
(415) 431-3333

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Traffic Courts in San Francisco County, California

If you have been issued a traffic ticket, your case will be heard in one of the following places:

San Francisco County Superior Court - Hall of Justice
850 Bryant Street
San Francisco, California 94103
(415) 551-0651


Juvenile Traffic cases are heard here:

San Francisco County Superior Court - Youth Guidance Center
375 Woodside Avenue
San Francisco, California 94127
(415) 682-5100


Criminal Courts in San Francisco County, California

If you are being charged with a felony or misdemeanor, your claim will be here:

San Francisco County Superior Court - Hall of Justice
850 Bryant Street
San Francisco, California 94103
(415) 551-0651
San Francisco County Superior Court - Community Justice Center
575 Polk Street
San Francisco, California 94102
(415) 551-3834

Juvenile Cases are heard here:

San Francisco County Superior Court - Youth Guidance Center
375 Woodside Avenue
San Francisco, California 94127
(415) 682-5100


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