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Qualified Sparks DWI lawyers

Finding the right Sparks DWI attorney is a personal experience for everyone. It is imperative that you work with someone who will listen to you and work hard to fight on your behalf. Of course, the benefits of an experienced Sparks DUI attorney should be self evident – they advocate for you by appearing in court and by negotiating on your behalf. The Nevada state law for DUI is hard enough – get help today. Before you decide to plead guilty, it is important to know that you may have defenses available to you under the law. The only way to know how your case could shape up is to discuss it with an experienced Sparks DWI lawyer. By filling out the form on the left, a qualified Sparks DUI lawyer will contact you.

A DUI conviction is more expensive than the cost of an attorney. For example, you will likely be dropped from your insurance plan, and will have to purchase extremely expensive SR22 insurance (not to mention that you likely face a minimum jail sentence and expensive fines by the state of Nevada).

Do not assume that you have to plead guilty because there is evidence against you. Speak to a local Sparks DUI lawyer

By pleading guilty to drunk driving in Nevada, you forfeit any rights you have to fight the charges against you. That means you get the minimum drunk driving penalty, at the very least, and potentially more. You may be worried that the evidence against you will be difficult to overcome – but you should know that even strong evidence may be rebutted in a court of law. Skilled Sparks DWI attorneys can challenge the validity of test results and the reliability of test methods that are supposed to determine whether a driver is intoxicated.

Choosing the right DUI lawyer – Local is always better

It is understandable that you feel overwhelmed if you have been charged with a DUI or DWI in Nevada. The ramifications are downright scary. The legal process is quite unmanageable for someone not specifically trained to handle the judicial system. By working with a skilled and local Sparks DUI lawyer, you will have the benefit of being represented by a professional who is looking after your interest. Local Sparks DUI lawyers have experience in the courtrooms in which your proceedings take place. Your local Sparks DUI lawyer will likely have experience working with the judicial system and the prosecutors in your county. Give yourself the best odds of winning your case by working with a local Sparks DUI attorney.

DWI defense for underage drivers?

Under 21? Sparks DWI defense lawyers – Sparks DUI defense lawyers

DUI laws for Minors are tough. It is no secret that underage drivers face an uphill battle if arrested for DUI DWI in Nevada. Underage drunk driving charges place an incredible burden on a youth just starting out. A guilty charge results in a criminal history that, unfortunately, is seen by too many institutions – like employers, schools, and insurance companies. Criminal penalties for DUI and DWI are also incredibly stiff for those who are found guilty. A local Sparks defense lawyer can help you. Fill out the form today, you have everything to gain. All Sparks DWI defense attorneys on this site provide free initial consultations.

What is the scope of an experienced Sparks defense lawyer’s services?

Usually, Sparks defense attorneys can help their clients in a variety of criminal matters. These attorneys, who are often very versatile, are called by a number of titles, such as: Sparks Misdemeanor DUI lawyer, Sparks felony DWI lawyer, Sparks Suspended License Lawyer, Sparks Criminal defense lawyer, etc.

Sparks DUI defense attorneys may assist you:


Negotiate a plea deal
Appear at a Nevada license revocation hearing
Defend you in court
Suppress illegal evidence
Get out of jail
Suppress test results
Secure Bail / Post Bail
Challenge sobriety tests
Challenge a blood test
Challenge a breathalyzer test
Hire an investigator
Protect your rights
Appear at a Nevada license suspension hearing
Seal your record
Reduce the drunk driving charges filed against you


How much does drunk driving DUI lawyer in Sparks charge?

Factors: How much a DUI attorney in Sparks will cost you can vary according to two specific factors: your attorney and the facts of your case. Keep this in mind: a drunk driving criminal record is far more expensive than the expense of any Sparks defense lawyer.

Fee Structure: Attorney rates really vary widely. On the less expensive end, some attorneys charge their clients around $100, while others charge their clients upward of $500 per hour. In some cases, Sparks DUI lawyers will charge their clients a lump sum fee. Remember, just because one DUI attorney charges less per hour than another DUI lawyer does not necessarily mean that they will ultimately cost you less money. Tip: Try to get an estimate of the number of hours it takes to handle a case like yours.

Your Case: The particulars of your arrest, and your criminal background can play a substantial role when it comes to determining how much time it will take to handle your case. If you have many prior arrests for drunk driving, it may be very difficult to negotiate a favorable plea deal on your behalf. If you were illegally stopped, or if faulty tests were performed on you to determine your BAC at the time of your arrest, then your Sparks DUI lawyer may have to challenge these issues in court.

Fees versus Expenses: Lawyers usually charge an additional fee for “expenses” – usually encompassing court costs and expert witness fees if applicable. Be sure to discuss expenses with your Sparks DUI lawyer.


Bail Bonding Companies in and near Sparks, Nevada

Bonafide Bail Bonds
4450 North Virginia Street
Reno, Nevada 89506
(775) 329-2663
Able Bail Bonds
4430 Bennie Lane
Reno, Nevada 89512
(775) 329-9993
All American Bail Bonds
30 Mary Street
Reno, Nevada 89509
(775) 324-4999
Justin Brothers Bail Bonds
808 East Musser Street
Carson City, Nevada 89701
(775) 297-8722


Traffic Courts in Washoe County, Nevada

If you have been issued a traffic ticket, your case will be heard in one of the following places:

Sparks Township Justice Court
630 Greenbrae Drive
Sparks, Nevada 89431
(775) 353-7600
Sparks Municipal Court
1450 C Street
Sparks, Nevada 89431
(775) 353-2286


Criminal Courts in Washoe County, Nevada

If you are being charged with a felony or a misdemeanor, your case may be heard here:

Washoe County Second Judicial District Court
75 Court Street
Reno, Nevada 89501
(775) 328-3110


If you are being charged with a misdemeanor, your case may also be heard here:

Sparks Township Justice Court
630 Greenbrae Drive
Sparks, Nevada 89431
(775) 353-7600
Sparks Municipal Court
1450 C Street
Sparks, Nevada 89431
(775) 353-2286





Sparks DUI attorneys serve clients throughout Northwestern Nevada, including Camp Spaulding, Carson City, Crystal Bay, Fallon, Fernley, Miriam, Reno, Reno Junction, South Lake Tahoe, Spanish Springs, Sparks, Sun Valley, Tahoe City, Truckee, Zephyr Cove, areas in the vicinity of Reno/Stead Airport and Reno/Tahoe International Airport, and other communities in Pershing County, Storey County, and Washoe County.