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Stillwater DWI attorneys are trained to give you the best chances of fighting your DUI or DWI charge. You are entitled to a defense under the law. You may be able to avoid the harsh consequences of a DUI or DWI: jail time, loss of license, steep fines, increased insurance cost, etc. By working closely with a qualified Stillwater DUI lawyer, you will have a trained professional working hard to protect your rights. After all, the county, the city, and the state of Oklahoma all have people whose job it is to prosecute you under the laws for DUI – the only way to even the playing field is to have a qualified Stillwater DUI attorney working hard for you. Fill out the form on the left. All initial consultations are free.

You cannot afford not to hire a local Stillwater DUI lawyer. A guilty plea will potentially cost you your freedom (jail time), your finances (thousands in fines by the government), and unbelievably high insurance rates (mandatory SR22 Insurance).

Is the evidence against you strong? Don’t give up. Call your Stillwater DUI lawyer before you plead guilty!

By pleading guilty to drunk driving in Oklahoma, you forfeit any rights you have to fight the charges against you. That means you get the minimum drunk driving penalty, at the very least, and potentially more. To fight the drunk driving charges against you, you need an experienced Stillwater DUI attorney to represent you. Skilled attorneys know how to challenge the types of tests administered by the police – faulty field sobriety tests, improperly administered breathalyzer tests, and other devices and methods used to determine your blood alcohol content.

Local Stillwater DUI lawyers give you a leg up

Drunk driving charges can be crippling financially and emotionally. In the blink of an eye, your life can be ruined for a single mistake at the wheel. Those who face DUI charges are confronted with a confusing court system: a system where the cards are stacked against you – even though you are innocent until proven guilty! A local Stillwater DUI attorney can help you in this difficult time. He or she will guide you through the process, and vigorously advocate on your behalf. All attorneys are not created equal. To give you the best chance of beating the charges against you, or of obtaining a more favorable plea agreement, it is imperative that you work with counsel who is familiar with the local courts, the local customs, the local judges, etc. Do not take a chance with your freedom. Contact an experienced Stillwater DUI attorney today.

DWI defense for minors?

Stillwater DWI defense lawyers – Stillwater DUI defense lawyers

If you are a minor that has been arrested for drunk driving in Oklahoma, your entire future can be impacted for that one mistake. It is no secret that minors are sometimes unfairly targeted. Losing your license is just the tip of the iceberg. Drunk driving charges can leave a permanent mark on a young person’s record. If convicted, minors face an uphill battle getting into school, getting a job, and getting insurance, not to mention the criminal penalties associated with the charges. Do not wait. Get the help you need today and contact a local Stillwater defense lawyer. Stillwater DWI defense attorneys on this website provide initial consultations for free.

What is the scope of an experienced Stillwater defense lawyer’s services?

An experienced Stillwater defense attorney can usually help clients who face one or multiple criminal charges. These attorneys are often a jack of all trades in the criminal arena, and are usually referred to by a number of titles, for example: Stillwater Misdemeanor DWI lawyer, Stillwater felony DUI lawyer, Stillwater Suspended License Lawyer, Stillwater Criminal defense lawyer, etc.

Stillwater DUI defense attorneys may assist you:


Get out of jail
Defend you in court
Appear at an Oklahoma license revocation hearing
Suppress illegal evidence
Challenge a breathalyzer test
Protect your rights
Secure Bail / Post Bail
Hire an investigator
Negotiate a plea deal
Challenge sobriety tests
Suppress test results
Reduce the drunk driving charges filed against you
Appear at an Oklahoma license suspension hearing
Challenge a blood test
Seal your record


How much does drunk driving DUI lawyer in Stillwater charge?

Factors: Before hiring an attorney, it is always good to learn a bit about how attorneys charge their client (or how they should charge their clients). The two most important factors that determine your dui legal bill are (1) your attorney’s hourly rate, and (2) the facts of your case. Both are described below. It is important to remember that it is far better to pay a defense lawyer “up front” as opposed to paying enormously on the “back end” for criminal penalties and all the costs that flow from them.

Fee Structure: In some cases, an experienced Stillwater DUI lawyer will charge a flat fee to represent you in court. In many cases, your attorney will charge an hourly rate (roughly between $100 and $500 per hour). Be sure to get an estimate of the number of hours that it should take to conclude your case. This step can be essential to helping you work with your attorney by setting yours and your attorney’s expectations.

Your Case: Be ready to expect your legal bill to be commensurate with the amount of time it takes to handle your case. Clients can save substantially on their legal bill by being easy to work with. For example, always come prepared when meeting with your Stillwater DUI lawyer. That means: gather all pertinent information, be ready to recall the facts of your case in detail, have phone numbers and contact info for those who can attest to your facts before you step into an attorney’s office, etc. The more prepared you are, the easier time your attorney will have, and the more time he or she will save. That can mean big savings to you.

Fees versus Expenses: Attorneys generally charge their clients for “expenses” as an additional fee beyond the lawyer’s hourly rate. This is quite customary in many cases. These expenses usually include things like court costs and expert witness fees.


Bail Bonding Companies in and near Stillwater, Oklahoma

Hot Rod Bail Bonds
1209 South Main Street
Stillwater, Oklahoma 74074
(405) 385-0091
A Abailable Bonds
1112 West Hillcrest Avenue
Stillwater, Oklahoma 74075
(405) 624-1113
A-1 Bail Bonds
1401 S Culpepper Drive
Stillwater, Oklahoma 74074
(405) 624-1111
Northcutt Bail Bonds Legal Services
309 North 12th Street
Ponca City, Oklahoma 74601
(580) 762-1525
Goad Bail Bonds
557 Harrison Street
Pawnee, Oklahoma 74058
(918) 762-2140
AAA Freedbird Bail Bonds
108 West 8th Street
Chandler, Oklahoma 74834
(405) 240-5757


Traffic Courts in Payne County, Oklahoma

If you have been issued a traffic ticket, your case will be heard in one of the following places:

Payne County District Court
Payne County Courthouse, 206 South Husband St.
Stillwater, Oklahoma 74074
(405) 372-4774
Stillwater Municipal Court
723 South Lewis Street
Stillwater, Oklahoma 74074
(405) 742-8253


Criminal Courts in Payne County, Oklahoma

If you are being charged with a crime, your case will be here:

Payne County District Court
Payne County Courthouse, 206 South Husband St.
Stillwater, Oklahoma 74074
(405) 372-4774


If you are being charged of a municipal misdemeanor crime, your case may be heard here:

Stillwater Municipal Court
723 South Lewis Street
Stillwater, Oklahoma 74074
(405) 742-8253







Stillwater DUI lawyers serve clients throughout north-central Oklahoma, including Bartlesville, Blackwell, Bristow, Chandler, Cushing, Edmond, Enid, Guthrie, Hennessey, Henryetta, Muskogee, Oklahoma City, Ponca City, Sapulpa, Shawnee, Stillwater, Stroud, Tonkawa, Tulsa, areas in the vicinity of Stillwater Municipal Airport, and other communities in Creek County, Lincoln County, Logan County, Noble County, Pawnee County, and Payne County.