§ 169A.283 Stay of execution of sentence

169A.283. Stay of execution of sentence

    Subdivision 1. Stay authorized. Except as otherwise provided in sections 169A.275 (mandatory penalties; nonfelony violations) and 169A.276 (mandatory penalties; felony violations), when a court sentences a person convicted of a violation of section 169A.20 (driving while impaired), the court may stay execution of the criminal sentence described in section 169A.24 (first-degree driving while impaired), 169A.25 (second-degree driving while impaired), 169A.26 (third-degree driving while impaired), or 169A.27 (fourth-degree driving while impaired) on the condition that the convicted person submit to the level of care recommended in the chemical use assessment report required under section 169A.70 (alcohol safety programs; chemical use assessments). If the court does not order a level of care in accordance with the assessment report recommendation as a condition of a stay of execution, it shall state on the record its reasons for not following the assessment report recommendation.

    Subd. 2. Manner and length of stay, required report. A stay of execution must be in the manner provided in section 609.135 (stay of imposition or execution of sentence). The length of stay is governed by section 609.135, subdivision 2. The court shall report to the commissioner any stay of execution of sentence granted under this section.

    Subd. 3. No stay of license revocation. The court may not stay the execution of the driver's license revocation provisions of
section 169A.54 (impaired driving convictions and adjudications; administrative penalties).