§ 169A.75 Impaired driving-related rules

169A.75. Impaired driving-related rules

    (a) The commissioner may adopt rules to carry out the provisions of this chapter. The rules may include the format for notice of intention to revoke that describe clearly the right to a hearing, the procedure for requesting a hearing, and the consequences of failure to request a hearing; the format for revocation and notice of reinstatement of driving privileges as provided in section 169A.55; and the format for temporary licenses.

    (b) Rules adopted pursuant to this section are subject to the procedures in chapter 14 (Administrative Procedure Act).

    (c) Additionally, the commissioner may adopt rules indicating the commissioner's approval of instruments for preliminary
screening or chemical tests for intoxication under sections 169A.41 and 169A.51 using the procedures specified in section 14.389 (expedited process).