§ 257.625d Refusal to submit to chemical tests; report

257.625d. Refusal to submit to chemical tests; report

    Sec. 625d. (1) If a person refuses the request of a peace officer to submit to a chemical test offered pursuant to section 625a(6),[FN1] a test shall not be given without a court order, but the officer may seek to obtain the court order.

    (2) A written report shall immediately be forwarded to the secretary of state by the peace officer. The report shall state that the officer had reasonable grounds to believe that the person had committed a crime described in section 625c(1), [FN2] and that the person had refused to submit to the test upon the request of the peace officer and had been advised of the consequences of the refusal. The form of the report shall be prescribed and furnished by the secretary of state.

    [FN1] M.C.L.A. § 257.625a.

    [FN2] M.C.L.A. § 257.625c.