§ 31-27-3.1 Annual Impaired Driving Report

§ 31-27-3.1. Annual Impaired Driving Report

    (a) The attorney general, with the cooperation of state and municipal police departments, with the district court, the traffic tribunal and the department of transportation shall annually, on or before, the 30th day of April of each year, prepare a written report to the general assembly identifying all cases where an individual is charged with an offense under § 31-27-1 through § 31-27-2.8 of the general laws. The report shall include the numbers of cases charged under each statute, as well as the disposition in each case charged, if any.

    (b) In addition to the number of cases charged and their disposition, the report shall identify the number of cases which are filed with dual charges of driving under the influence under § 31-27-1 and refusal to submit to a chemical test under § 31-27-2, and the disposition of each of these dual charges.

    (c) The report shall also identify, in any alcohol or drug related fatality charged under §§ 31-27-1 -- 31-27-8 of the general laws, whether the driver of the motor vehicle, a passenger in the motor vehicle or a pedestrian was identified by law enforcement, the medical examiner or any other entity as being under the influence of alcohol or drugs in the fatal accident.

    (d) The attorney general shall promulgate any rule or regulation necessary to implement the provisions of this section.