§ 55-10-413 Alternative network of incarceration facilities

§ 55-10-413. Alternative network of incarceration facilities

    (a) To provide an alternative to the use of scarce and costly jail or workhouse space to provide the period of incarceration
provided for in § 55-10-403, the department of correction, with the cooperation of the department of the military and other
applicable departments, is directed to devise an alternative network of facilities on either a county-by-county or a regional basis to provide minimum security incarceration for persons convicted under § 55-10-403. Consideration shall be given to the use of armories, temporary stockades, unused publicly owned buildings, or other available secure or securable alternatives.

    (b) The commissioner of correction shall present an initial plan to the general assembly no later than January 15, 1990, and may present such interim reports as the commissioner thinks desirable.