§ 2501 Restricted license

§ 2501. Restricted license

    1. Eligibility. Unless otherwise provided, the Secretary of State may issue a restricted license to a first-time OUI offender if:

        A. Two thirds of the suspension period has expired; and

        B. The Secretary of State has received notice that that person has completed the alcohol and drug program.

    2. Restrictions. A restricted license issued pursuant to subsection 1 is subject to the following conditions and restrictions:

        A. Use is limited to travelling to a treatment program or to employment for a minimum of 90 days after the original suspension date; and

        B. Any other conditions or restrictions the Secretary of State considers advisable for the safety of the public and the welfare of the operator.

    3. Failure to submit to test. The Secretary of State may issue a restricted license to a person whose license was suspended for a first failure to submit to a test, if the condition of subsection 1, paragraph B is met and at least 180 days have elapsed since the date of suspension. This subsection does not apply to a commercial driver's license, provisional license or conditional license.