§ 2503 Work-restricted license

§ 2503. Work-restricted license

    1. Administrative suspension; work-restricted license. On receipt of a petition for a work-restricted license from a person under suspension pursuant to section 2453, section 2453-A or section 2472, subsection 3, paragraph B or C for a first offense, the Secretary of State may stay a suspension during the statutory suspension period and issue a work-restricted license, if the petitioner shows by clear and convincing evidence that:

        A. As determined by the Secretary of State, a license is necessary to operate a motor vehicle:

            (1) Between the residence and a place of employment or in the scope of employment, or both; or

            (2) Between the residence and an educational facility attended by the petitioner if the suspension is under section 2472, subsection 3, paragraph B or C for a first offense;

        B. No alternative means of transportation is available; and

        C. The petitioner has not, within 10 years, been under suspension for an OUI offense or pursuant to section 2453 or 2453-A.

    2. Suspension. The Secretary of State shall suspend, without preliminary hearing, the work-restricted license of a person who:

        A. Is adjudicated or convicted of any violation of the provisions of this Title committed during the period when a work-restricted license has been issued;

        B. Violates any restriction or condition of the license; or

        C. Has not completed the alcohol and drug program by the end of the statutory suspension period.