§ 31-6-101 Definitions

§ 31-6-101. Definitions

    (a) As used in this act:

        (i) “Alcohol concentration” means as defined in W.S. 31-5-233(a)(i);

        (ii) “Controlled substance” includes:

            (A) Any drug or substance defined by W.S. 35-7-1002(a)(iv);

            (B) Any glue, aerosol or other toxic vapor which when intentionally inhaled or sniffed results in impairment of an individual's ability to drive safely.

            (C) Any drug or psychoactive substance, or combination of these substances, capable of impairing a person's physical or mental faculties.

        (iii) “Department” means the department of transportation;

        (iv) “Peace officer” means as defined in W.S. 7-2-101;

        (v) “This act” means W.S. 31-6-101 through 31-6-108.

    (b) The definitions provided by W.S. 31-5-102(a) apply in this act.